Terrace 16 News May 2014

Terrace 16 Annual Meeting

Mark your calendars!! The Terrace 16 Annual meeting is scheduled for June 11th, 2014 at 6:30pm and will be held in the lobby of the Association. You will be receiving pink proxy for the meeting in a few weeks.  Please fill it out and return it to Snow’s Management if you are unable to attend.  This allows us to do Terrace 16 business with a legal quorum.  Thank you!  Please call Lynnette at Snow’s Management if you have any questions.

Springtime Pet Reminders

Anchorage residents are eager to get outside this time of year; so if you are out and about with your four legged friends please remember to keep them on a leash. The leash law is a city ordinance and it even applies to cats. So please do not let your cat out roaming the neighborhood unattended because they are subject to the same rules as dogs and might end up in the pound.

Please clean up after your four legged friends.
“U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms pet waste can spread parasites including hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and Salmonella. When infected dog poop comes into contact with your lawn, the poop will eventually “disappear”, but the parasite eggs can linger for years! When a human or animal comes into contact with that soil through everyday activities like walking barefoot, gardening or playing, they risk infection from those eggs ... even years after the poop is gone.” (http://dogtalk101.blogspot.com/2010/01/facts-about-dangers-of-dog-poop.html

BBQ Grills

Please be aware that Barbeque Grills/Open Flame units are not permitted in the city of Anchorage within 10 feet of a flammable surface i.e. wood.

See the Municipal Code below:

According to Section 308.1.4 of the International Fire Code, the operation of a charcoal burner, or any other open-flame cooking device, is prohibited on combustible decks and balconies.  In addition, these devices shall not be used anywhere within 10 feet of combustible construction, which could include a nearby wall, overhang, patio fence, railing, or the deck above your own deck or patio. In addition, any cooking device using propane fuel may be subject to the same rules depending on the size of its fuel container.  A nominal one-pound gas-capacity fuel container may be used without restriction.  Any device using
fuel container larger than one-pound is prohibited in the same manner as an open-flame device. Electric grills are acceptable, however, we would caution that you use a properly grounded electrical outlet with a GFI circuit, and refrain from using an extension cord, especially through the door to the deck.

This ordinance basically restricts any BBQ grills on the property because of insurance liability and proximity to flammable surfaces.

Therefore BBQ grills are not allowed on Terrance 16 property.

Garage Sale

Our neighbors at Terrace 21 are offering to include Terrace 16 residents to join their Garage Sale on June 6-8th, 2014.
Please call Lynnette at Snow’s if you are interested in joining the effort.