Terrace 16 News December 2014

The next Terrace 16 Board Meeting is scheduled for January 21, 2015 at 6:30 pm in the foyer of Terrace 16 condos.  All homeowners are invited to attend.

The Terrace 16 Board of Directors Meeting was held on October 9, 2014 and there was discussed the following items:

Clear the Decks!:  Some homeowners still need to clear off the decks of excess storage items as it causes extra weight and that added with snow accumulation can cause the decks to fail.  Please remove all excessive items from being stored on your deck and make sure to remove any snow accumulation during the winter months.

Furniture being left in the foyer and common areas of Terrace 16 condos:  During the past several months some household furniture items have been left in the common areas of the complex.  These items, if unwanted should be removed from the premises and not left for the Association to deal with.  If you have left any items in the foyer or common areas of Terrace 16 condos, please retrieve it and throw it in the dumpster for removal or take it to any number of establishments that accept 2nd hand furniture or household items. Keep Exits clear of personal items or debris by 48 inches

Parking in the parking lot of Terrace 16 condos:  Please be mindful when parking during the winter months at Terrace 16 condos!  Please be aware of the ice that is on the overhang above the garage doors.  Please do not park too close to the garage doors to avoid any loose ice from damaging your vehicle.

Snow’s Management can now accept credit card payments! 

The pay online feature is now located in the upper right hand corner of our webpage, it’s easy and convenient.  If you have questions about this service, please call Beth Smith at 563-8825.