Terrace 16 Condos News Winter 2012

The garage area is not for personal storage!
Please remember that each unit has a storage closet for personal items.

Fire Safety

It has been recommended by the Anchorage Fire Department, that each unit have a UL listed / FM approved fire extinguisher(s) with a minimum rating of 2A:10B:C. It must be easily visible & accessible for use in the event of a fire.  All fire extinguishers must be serviced & tagged annually by a qualified servicing contractor.  In addition, all dwelling units must have at least one smoke detector & carbon monoxide detector in each unit. These detectors should be installed near each separate sleeping area.  It is also recommended that your smoke / carbon monoxide detectors be checked every 30 days.  Please remember to check / change the batteries in both of these.

Winter Reminders

• Please break down all garbage before putting it into the dumpster. If the garbage is to full or your items will not fit please take them to the dump.

• Winter is here! Remember to park your vehicle at least a car length away from the building to avoid any ice or snow falling onto your vehicle.

• Please plan to move your vehicles when it snows more than two inches. We received record snowfall last year and are gearing up for another snowy winter. Help the Association avoid expensive haul off fees by ensuring that your vehicle is moved so the snow can be stored effectively.

• As a courteous gesture, if you own a unit directly above someone please check to see if anyone is utilizing their deck space before you begin to sweep or do any outdoor project that could fall onto the deck below yours.

Holiday Hours

Snow’s Management will be closed on the following days during the holiday season:

Thanksgiving: 22 and 23 of November 2012
Christmas: 24 and 25 of December 2012
New Years Day: Tuesday, January 1, 2013