River’s Edge News May 2016

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We recently held our Annual Homeowner’s Meeting, however we were unable to get a quorum. We still held our board meeting and highlighted the various things that the board has been doing over the past year:
 Dues remained unchanged due to continued review and assess-ment of costs and practices
 Gutters are now installed at all the units
 Snow removal contractor gave us a 10% discount over the next 3 years!
 Board active in maintaining the cleanliness in the subdivision and the path around the river (installed new boards over the bridge, cleaned up the creek and picked up garbage and dog doo)
 Board installed the reflectors by the new road over the creek
 Review of annual association audit and implementation of recom-mendations
 ...and more!

We thank you all for your continued support, the part you play in keeping the subdivision clean, safe and friendly. This has an impact on all of us, because the units that have come up for sale lately have sold quickly and at the asking price!

You may not see us often but know that we are always hard at work to continue to maintain the standards of the association, minimize costs and keep us in compliance. Respectfully,

River’s Edge Board of Directors

If your dog poops you must scoop…

Even if no one sees you!


Please make sure that you cover your garbage and that you take it out on Thursday morning and not the night before. The ravens are back and they know when it is Thursday! Please do not leave garbage in bags on the back of trucks either.

Also, bears are waking up. We have had bears in our subdi-vision and we want to avoid any temptations for the safety of the bears and all of us.

Please do your part to keep us all safe.

Keeping Children Safe

At River’s Edge we love our kids. Please make sure that your kid is supervised while they play outside.


Please slow down as you drive in and out of our subdivision.

Safety first, for both vehicles, people and pets.

Home Improvement


The River’s Edge Condo Association has many rules and regulations to ensure the maintenance of the look and feel of the subdivision. Before you buy, install or do something in the common or limited common areas of your unit, make sure that you read the guidelines below to see what may or may not be allowed. When in doubt or if something is not on the list, please contact Snow’s Management for guidance at info@snowsmanagementak.com.