Nob Hill News May 2016

Dear Homeowners,

Welcome to Summer! We are hoping to make Nob Hill a little extra beautiful this year.

We have hydro seeded because of restoration projects behind Building 4 and on the west side of Building 7, and in a variety of miscellaneous spots, some caused by dog damage. We had the large trees trimmed away from the buildings last year and will be having the smaller trees trimmed this year in a few weeks (we are on a wait list). If you can help water the grass areas around your unit, especially the new hydro seeding, we would greatly appreciate it.

Additional Use Restriction added to Nob Hill’s House Rules: the addition “prohibits cutting materials that generate sawdust or drywall dust in the garage that is a nuisance to neighbors.” Violators of this rule may be subject to a fine.

Nob Hill Board of Directors.

Summer Reminders

Rodent Prevention
Earlier in the fall there was a building that was experiencing shrew infestation. Please take some time to make sure rodent attractants in your household are in hard plastic, sealed and airtight containers. Items that should be stored include: perishable food items, pet food, bird seed, grass seed and plant seeds.

No grills on decks!
The Associations insurance policy does not allow for combustible grills on the decks (electric is okay). If you like to grill you may keep a grill in your garage but you must pull it out more than ten feet away from the building and store it back in your garage once it has COMPLETELY cooled.

Scoop the Poop!
If you have an animal that relieves itself on the property you must clean up the waste immediately. Pet waste is not only unsightly (and a bummer to get on your shoe) but it poses serious health risks to humans and animals. Just because there is snow on the ground the poop still must be scooped! If a mess is uncovered in the spring the cleanup costs may be billed back to irresponsible pet owners.

Please be mindful of your neighbors. Visitors are instructed to park in DESIGNATED outside parking spaces. The outside parking spaces are for guests and visitors of the unit owners or occupants. If a visitor or guest is planning on parking for longer than 2-3 days they MUST obtain an “EXTENDED VISITOR PARKING PASS” from the managing agent or the Board of Directors.  This pass must be clearly displayed in the front window of the vehicle while it is occupying the visitor parking area. Any vehicles owned or leased by an owner or occupant of a unit must be parked in the garage of the occupied unit.  If the garage is unavailable for some reason the homeowner may utilize the guest parking area for a period not exceeding two hours.

If you are willing the Board encourages you to water the hydro seed and grass. The hydro seed won’t grow properly if it is under watered, or overwatered. If you have any questions, your Board can advise you.

Otherwise, we hope that you are enjoying the sunny weather! Get out and enjoy your beautiful neighborhood!

Scaffold sled platform custom built for Nob Hill to make repairs or paint our high ceiling/skylight areas. Rests on the master bedroom ledge on one end and two ladders on the other end. Extremely sturdy and safe. Call Jack for more details: 243-2910

Any questions or concerns can be emailed directly to Tina at