Nob Hill News June 2012

Pet Reminders

Cats, Dogs and Birds are limited to two (2) per unit.  Any pet outside of a unit shall be kept on a leash and attended at all times.

REMEMBER:  All pet owners will immediately clean up droppings left by their pets when allowing pets to “relieve” themselves in or on common areas.

Window Replacement

The window panes/grids which match the specifications for Nob Hill Condominium Association can be purchased at Replacement Glass. The window panes are a requirement per the rules of Nob Hill Condominium Association.
You can contact Replacement Glass by calling (907) 279-8484 ‎or in person at 2457 Arctic Boulevard, Anchorage, AK 99503.

Garage Maintenance

Each homeowner is responsible for ensuring that their individual heaters in the garages are all turned on and functioning properly.  Please take a few minutes to check your heaters to ensure the fan is operating and the unit is not blowing cold air.  It is suggested that the garage is maintained at 50 degrees.
Homeowners please do not wash your vehicles inside the garages in the winter.  The dirt from the cars clogs up the drain.  It is also not good to leave the garage door open allowing cold air to enter the garage; this triggers the heaters to run non-stop.  Ice can also build-up on the floor causing a safety hazard.

Guest Parking

Visitors are instructed to park in DESIGNATED outside parking spaces. The outside parking spaces are for guests and visitors of the unit owners or occupants. If a visitor or guest is planning on parking for longer than 2-3 days they MUST obtain an “EXTENDED VISITOR PARKING PASS” from the managing agent or the Board of Directors.  This pass must be clearly displayed in the front window of the vehicle while it is occupying the visitor parking area.

Any vehicles owned or leased by an owner or occupant of a unit must be parked in the garage of the occupied unit.  If the garage is unavailable for some reason the homeowner may utilize the guest parking area for a period not exceeding two hours.