Hampton Place News August 2012

Garbage Cans

Please do not put your garbage cans out until the day the trash is to be picked up, make sure the lids are down tight and garbage is not coming out of the top.  Garbage in the neighborhood is attracting bears, once they find a food source; they will likely keep coming back.  Garbage cans must be put away, out of sight the same day the trash is picked up.  It is not acceptable to leave the trash cans in front of your garage doors or anywhere in front of the units.

Friendly Reminders

The exteriors of the units are not to be used for storage.
2000 International Fire Code, Section 307.5, Open Flame Cooking Devices:  Charcoal grills and propane type grills shall not be used on the deck or near combustible materials.  The grills are to be taken at least 10 feet from the building before using them.  Fines of up to $300.00 may be assessed to you personally per usage.
On November 3, 2004 State Farm Insurance Company mandated that the Association follow the required recommendation.  “Establish and post a policy prohibiting the use or storage of gas grills on balconies, decks, or porches or other combustible surfaces to reduce the chance of fire or bodily injury”.  Remember to store your grill when you are done using it.