Greentree Village II News Winter 2012

Annual Homeowners Meeting

Mark Your Calendar The Annual Homeowner’s meeting will be held Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 5:30pm in the office of Snows Management located at 2701 Fairbanks St.
You will receive a notice and proxy in the mail a few weeks before the meeting. This notice will be printed on a pink sheet of paper. If you are unable to attend this meeting please return a completed proxy to Snow’s Management so that a legal quorum may be obtained.
We look forward to seeing you!!!

Winter Reminders

Storage Heat: Now that the summer is ending it is recommended to turn your storage heaters back on to help regulate unit temperatures. These heaters keep the water pipes from freezing, including those in the unit on the second floor. If pipes freeze: The homeowner will be responsible for any damage in their unit or in the surrounding units.
Dumpsters: Please make sure that the lid on the dumpsters close all the way to keep the birds out. This will help eliminate the mess that seems to accumulate outside the dumpster.
City of Lights: Winter in Alaska is the most beautiful of the seasons, especially for those who participate in the Anchorage Chamber of city of Lights program. Help to light up your association by adorning your unit with miniature white lights & outdoor lighting transforms & brightens our city, creating a sense of community pride & enhancing safety. White lights may be used from October 15, 2012 and remove by March 31, 2013.

Fire Safety

It has been recommended by the Anchorage Fire Department, that each unit have a UL listed / FM approved fire extinguisher(s) with a minimum rating of 2A:10B:C. It must be easily visible & accessible for use in the event of a fire.  All fire extinguishers must be serviced & tagged annually by a qualified servicing contractor. Install at least one smoke detector in every floor including the basement and attic and inside each sleeping area. Ensure that all members of your family can hear the smoke alarm. If someone is hearing impaired, install alarms that flash a strobe light as well as sound an alarm. In addition, at least one carbon monoxide detector or alarm shall be installed on each floor level. If a floor level contains bedrooms or sleeping rooms, at least one detector shall be located in the immediate vicinity of the sleeping area, outside of the bedrooms or sleeping rooms. Carbon monoxide detectors and alarms shall be installed in accordance with their listing. The alarm shall be clearly audible in all sleeping rooms, even if the intervening doors are closed.  It is also recommended that your smoke / carbon monoxide detectors be checked every 30 days.  Please remember to check / change the batteries in both of these.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance Tips:

• Test smoke alarms once a month by pushing the test button.
• Install new batteries at least once a year.
• To have the Alaska State Fire Marshal’s Office remind you via email, sign up for the Automatic Smoke Alarm Reminder.
• Clean smoke alarms using a vacuum cleaner without removing the alarms cover.
• Replace smoke alarm every 10 years.