Crawford Park Summer 2014

Crawford Park Condominiums

It is time for Spring Cleaning!

The Board has noticed that there is a lot of junk around the storage lot. We would like to get some of the junk out of there. If you have any items stored in the storage lot please put a tag on them with your name and unit number.
Items that are not tagged will be removed on May 28th, 2014.


The Association maintains a “Master Insurance Policy” that covers the building in case of a catastrophic event. The Association’s insurance policy does not ensure that your unit will be replaced to the standard that it is now. As a responsible homeowner you should do an insurance analysis annually. This may seem like a daunting task but it is actually rather simple- you can call your insurance agent and ask them to call the agent who holds the master policy to compare coverage to ensure that there are no deficiencies. Also, if you have made a large purchase or have done any remodeling in your unit you may want to increase your coverage.

It is also very important for renters to have insurance. Renters may think that they only need renter’s insurance to cover any valuables they might have in their home but many renter’s policies also cover living costs if you are displaced by a catastrophic event. If you are renting a unit you can contact the insurance provider below to get a quote on rental insurance.
Did you know that the condo insurance policy may not cover the following items?
 All personal property within a Unit
 Floor coverings
 Wall coverings
 Ceiling coverings
 Electrical fixtures
 Appliances
 Water heaters
 Water filters
 Built-in cabinets & counter tops
 Window treatments, including curtains, drapes, blinds, and hardware
For information about the Association’s Master Policy please contact:

Art Dorsey with State Farm Insurance.
9191 Old Seward Highway Suite 3B, Anchorage, AK 99575


You might have noticed some workers in the Association 
We have had stair noses installed in order to lengthen the life of the carpet on the stairs. We also had the exterior carpets shampooed.

We are installing a sprinkler system next week 

Big THANK YOU to your neighbors Zachary and Carolyn for taking such excellent care of the plants around the property. Zach and Carolyn will begin planting once the sprinkler system is installed.
Thank you to homeowner Ray Vroble for his efforts in sweeping the parking area!



Do you have a maintenance concern, question or complaint?
Here is a list of your contacts at Snow’s Management:

Association Manager:
Elizabeth Irwin 907-563-8818
Accounts Receivable:
Beth Smith 907-563-8825
Pam Snow 907-563-8802