Crawford Park News December 2012

Thank you Emma!

Emma Milkeraitis who lived at Crawford Park Condominiums for many years passed away in October. The Board of Directors would like to say Thank You in remembrance of her years of dedicated service on the Board as well as her contributions to the Association which include beautiful maintenance of the Association’s flower beds. Emma, you will be missed. 

Pet Reminders

Pets must not be a nuisance to others, through threat, noise, or other problems.  They must be controlled at all times.
All pet owners will be responsible for pooper-scooper. Failure to scoop the poop as it drops will result in the Association hiring a contractor to scoop the poop at the expense of the owner of the unit.

Do not allow your pet to relieve
themselves in the common areas, such as the walkways or parking lot. Pets must be on a leash per municipal ordinance!


The Board of Directors is considering installing a wireless camera system to monitor the common areas in case of vandalism or theft. We would like some input from you! Please tell us what you think about installing a camera system by emailing


Please be considerate of other residents if you must smoke. Do not smoke near entry ways or common areas: including the parking lot, near the picnic tables or on the walkways.
Residents must walk across the street to smoke.

Remember: Crawford Park is a SMOKE FREE ASSOCIATION! Violations may result in fines!

Smoking Ban

At the recent Board of Directors meeting it was determined to no longer allow smoking on any of the common areas. This includes the parking lot, near the picnic tables, around the entryways and all of the walkways. You must walk across the street to smoke. If it is reported that you are smoking on the property you will receive a violation letter including a $25.00 fine. If you deposit cigarette butts anywhere on the property you will receive a violation letter with a $25.00 fine. You will be seeing NO SMOKING signs posted around the property in the coming days. If you would like to report a violation of the common area smoking ban please send an email to detailing the associated unit and nature of the violation. Thank you for your cooperation with this new policy.

Winter Reminders

Please prepare to begin the vehicular musical chairs that must happen to get the parking lot and roads plowed. If it snows 2 inches please move your vehicle. The snow plow can only be as effective as you allow it to be. If you want a good job done you will need to move you vehicles. Crawford Park plans to store the snow in the adjacent vacant lot. Please do not block access to this lot. If you do block access to the vacant lot you may be towed.

Want to be on the Board of Directors?

There is an opening on the Board of Directors. If you would like to volunteer please contact Elizabeth @ Snow’s Management