Colonial View New s Fall 2016

2017 Budget

At the board meeting, held on Monday, October 3rd, 2016 the board members approved the 2017 budget.  The budget for 2017 will remain the same at the amount of $380.00 per unit, per month. 

Please remember to turn your heat down at night while you are sleeping and when you are gone for the day.  Everyone needs to help do their part to help conserve energy and keep heating costs down as much as possible.

The board has addressed some items around the property that they would like to work on starting Spring 2017. These improvements include; Crack fill & seal, and looking into a new entry call box.

Homeowner Concerns

•Laundry Rooms – Please make sure that you remove your laundry from the dryers promptly when your laundry is done.  Try not to do laundry after 10:00 p.m. as this is considered quiet hours. Laundry rooms are for the use of homeowners only.
•Stereos, TV’s, etc. shall be kept at a respectful noise level, remember the walls and floors are pretty thin and noise travels into other units.
•Please make sure you are always being a responsible pet owner. Pick up after your pet at all times. Owners with dogs are asked not to tether them outside.
•Please do not litter in the common hallways. If you happen to drop trash, or make a mess, please pick up after yourself. Colonial View does not have a common area janitorial service, so please be considerate.
•Inoperable and unlicensed vehicles are not to be parked at the complex.  Any reported inoperable vehicle is subject to towing at the owners expense.
•Please do not prop open the entryway doors at any time. Please be considerate of the safety and security of others.


Please do not let your smoke permeate into the common areas or others units. It is very important that any homeowner take the proper precautions to adequately ventilate and filtrate the air so that it does not damage the common areas. Please be aware that any damage caused by smoke to the common areas will be taken care of by the association and billed back to the homeowner causing the issue.