Alyeska Chalets News 2012

News from the Annual Meeting

I would like to begin this newsletter with a Thank You to all of the Homeowners! It was great to meet all who attended the first formal Alyeska Chalet meeting with Snow’s Management. We surpassed the required 33% of homeowners in attendance so we were able to elect a new Board of Directors. Please welcome your 2013 Board of Directors: Curtis Harris, Dan Kuber, Garrett Swygman, Corey Anderson and Joey Hegna. I would also like to include a special Thank You to Garrett Swygman for taking over the water testing and a Congratulations for getting DEC Certified on behalf of the Association! The content of this newsletter was recommended by your neighbors at the Annual Meeting based on concerns they expressed at the meeting.

Thank you!

Elizabeth Irwin
Association Manager

Alyeska Chalet is NOT an off leash dog park.

It has been brought to our attention that there are many dogs in the neighborhood that are allowed to roam free which is in direct violation of the House Rules. Your house rules state: Each unit is restricted to two pets (restricted to a dog, cat, fish or bird in a bird cage) and the pet(s) must be kept on a leash by a person capable of controlling the animal…. Other complaints, such as pets urinating or defecating in the driveway, parking spaces or limited common elements of another unit is also considered a violation of the nuisance policy. Your house rules designates a fine policy for violations of the pet rules. The first pet complaint will receive a written warning (Snow’s Man-agement charges a $15.00 processing fee to send the violation letter and all subsequent letters). The second pet complaint will result in a $25.00 fine. The third violation will result in a $25.00 fine and removal of the animal. If you need a copy of the House rules please contact Elizabeth Irwin at Snow’s Management.
If you are noticing animals creating a nuisance please report them to Snow’s Management in writing via email to

Home away from Home reminders

Many owners at Alyeska Chalet use their unit as a second home. If this is the case please consider the following reminders:
Sump Pumps: Many homeowners have reported spring flooding in their crawl spac-es. We recommend that you inspect your crawl space for water on a regular basis and you may want to consider purchasing a sump pump to keep the area safe and dry.
Freeze Alarms: Since many of you cannot monitor the heat in your unit full time The Board of Directors would like to suggest “automatic call-out freeze monitors”. This is a great service that will call you at any number you provide when the heat in your unit goes below the level you select. If you maintain a telephone line in your unit the freeze call out alarm will cost a mere $50-$70 and are very easy to install. You can find these monitors at Fred Meyer or AIH.

If modifying the exterior of your unit is in your plans for the summer please remember to submit an alteration request. All exterior alterations (including paint!) must be approved by the Board of Directors in advance. To get approval send your plans to so they can be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

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