West Bluff News July 2016

Annual Meeting:

Well it had to happen twice, but we finally made quorum for the July 11, 2016 Annual Meeting! Thank you so much to each and every homeowner! Sending the proxies in and showing up in person, your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Your 2016-2017 Board did not change.
President: Jeff Tomazewski
Vice President: Trish Skoglund
Sec/Treasurer: Joe Cooper

Thank you to these homeowners willing to serve again!


Remember that in accordance with Anchorage Municipal Code 23.05.010 “Grills on Patios- BBQ grills, either charcoal or propane is not allowed to be operated or stored upon a balcony or deck.”


Remember that only bikes and dollies can be stored in individual spaces. Anything else may be disposed of if not properly stored.

Cat Walk:

The decks will be first. Construction on these will begin on August 8, 2016 for setup and demo followed by rebuilding.  The catwalk will immediately follow the decks. The City just approved the permit last Friday.

Garage Awareness:

Please wait to ensure that the garage door closes when you are entering or exiting the building. Also make sure that all doors close and latch behind you. We continue to have problems with an aggressive intruder. Again everyone should make sure that all exterior doors close and latch, and that no one sneaks in the garages while the garage door is open. Be careful and call APD if you encounter this individual.