1201 Denali News Summer 2012

The association has one storage closet available for rent on the 2nd floor in front of unit #206.  The association is renting this space out for $40.00 per month.  The Association also has a Parking space #36 in the garage available to rent, the monthly fee for this space is $45.00 per month.  If you are interested in renting either of these spaces, please contact Snow’s Management at 563-8863.

House Rules Reminders

There are shopping carts located in the garage for your convenience.  When you are done with them, please return them to the garage and do not leave them in the elevator, on your floor, or in your unit.

Storage of any kind is not permitted outside of units, assigned storage lockers, or garage lockers except that neatly stacked firewood may be stored on decks and patio furnishings may be utilized on decks.  Storage is strictly prohibited in common areas or areas visible from the building exterior. This rule applies to shoes stored in the hallways, items left in the entries or common areas, and bicycles or toys left in the common areas.  All items must be neatly stored inside your unit or storage lockers.
Please make sure that the garage doors close securely each time you enter or exit the garage.

Make sure you follow the arrows in the garage so that you are entering and exiting the garage correctly.

The secured entrances are designed for your safety.  Please keep the security doors closed at all times and DO NOT ADMIT ANYONE whom you do not personally know.  For everyone’s safety, please resist requests to admit anyone into the building other than your personal guests.  Security problems should be reported to the police, if appropriate and then to Snow’s Management, Inc.

Quiet Hours:  Absolute quiet hours are in effect from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.  Please be a courteous neighbor and do not use the trash chute, do your laundry or vaccum after quiet hours.