Tudor Square News June 2016

Upcoming Events:

Budget Meeting
Tuesday, October 4th, at 5:30PM
The Board of Directors would like to encourage homeowners to attend these meetings held at the office of Snow’s Management.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer!

The community is working very hard to maintain a level of safety & appeal and would like to thank all of those who participate in keeping the community a safe place.


The fences separating you and your neighbor’s yard are the responsibility of the homeowner. Also, if you latch is not working properly please correct the issues. The homeowners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of these items.
Please FIX & MAINTAIN all gate latches.


Please remember that according to the Associations Declaration “There shall be no automotive repair conducted in the open anywhere on the Property.” If you need to perform maintenance on your vehicle we respectively ask you to do it elsewhere.

In addition to the above, all vehicles must be operable and be properly and currently licensed and registered. There shall be no parking on the lawn, parking in front of others unit owner garages, blocking of the driveways, blocking of fire lanes or fire hydrants, nor parking in off street common areas. If there are additional vehicles visiting a unit owner please direct them to utilize the guest parking. Violators are subject to fines or towing.

Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Please remember to ALWAYS pick up after your pet! Also, keep them leashed at all times. If you have any more questions regarding Animal Control please visit www.muni.org.

Are you interested in being on the Board?

Have you wanted to be more involved in your community recently? If so, please volunteer for the Board of Directors. If you think you could add to the community please call or send us an email to let us know!


It has been observed that some are driving much to fast through the complex and putting the safety of themselves and others at risk.  Please slow down while driving through our community and BE SAFE! Try to refrain from parking on and crowding the common streets & NO PARKING ON THE LAWN!