Spinnaker Bay News Summer 2014


Hello to all our Owners and welcome to those of you who have recently moved into our neighborhood.  We’re pleased you chose to live in Spinnaker Bay.  We think it’s a pretty special part of Southport.

Watering Lawns: 

One of our biggest summer expenses is “watering”.  It is not included in our summer maintenance lawn care contract.  So we are asking Unit Owners who are willing to do so to please water lawns, trees, and common beds around your unit (and your neighbors if they don’t seem to participate).  In particular, please help us water those areas that have been newly seeded.  It’s important to keep these areas well watered for new grass growth until the grass is firmly established.  The Northern Greens folks have to pay people to come in and set up and take down all the hoses they use.  That takes time and costs us money ($45.00/hour).  Please help if you can. 

Pet Waste

As a pet owner it is your responsibility to clean up after them. It’s unsightly and unsanitary to allow a pet to urinate or defecate in the common areas, in other Unit Owners front or side lawns or in landscaped areas.  Please be responsible and courteous to your neighbors and clean up after your pet.  Thank you for helping to keep our grounds clean and looking nice.


Just a reminder that trailers or motor homes can’t be parked in driveways over 24 hours.  (Rules, Article II, Section 2.4)

Parking in the cul d’ sacs is subject to ticketing by the APD.  The Homeowners Association has no control over the cul d’sacs since they are considered public streets.  One of our unit owners received a ticket for having a vehicle parked in the cul d’sac for a short period of time.

Special Assessment for Driveway Sealing:

Please don’t forget to pay your Special Assessment of $290.00 for the crack filling and drive sealing that was recently done.  The Assessment must be paid in full by October 2, 2014.  Thanks to Bill McCravey for spearheading this project.  It really looks nice.

Driveway Repairs Update

Units 2429 & 2431 will have their driveways replaced within the next 2 weeks since the weather didn’t cooperate last summer.  We’ve paid half of the cost already and have the remaining balance in Special Assessment reserves from 2013 so there won’t be a special assessment for driveway replacements this year.

Fire Safety:

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on occasion to see that the equipment is working properly.  Most brands have a tester button that when pushed tells you it is in good working order.


Don’t forget to replace those batteries in your CO2 and/or smoke alarms.  If the detectors are more than 5 years old, it’s time to replace them.  Better safe than sorry.

Now is also a good time to have your annual furnace and water heater inspection and repairs done. 

Architectural Committee

We still need a volunteer or two to join the Architectural & Landscaping Committee to serve alongside Rich Leber (Unit 2322). Please let Rich or one of the Board members know if you’d be willing to serve.

Just a reminder that before you make any landscaping changes, you must complete an Architectural Approval Request Form and submit it to the Architectural Committee for their review and recommended approval to the Board.  The approval process shouldn’t take more than 10 to 14 days but it’s important that Snow’s retains the documentation on file for re-sale certificate purposes and to assure that we maintain the beauty and high standards of our neighborhood. 

Front Bed Re-do:

Hopefully you’ve noticed a new look for the Spinnaker Bay entrance bed.  A “big” thanks goes out to Bruce Carr who volunteered numerous hours to clean out and pruned the shrubs; trim up the trees; and bring in new edging and mulch.  Also, thanks to Betty Bang who donated 5 bags of mulch for the project. 

Current Board Members:

Kathy Carr, President         (Unit # 2426)
Bill McCravey, Vice President       (Unit # 2324)
Jennifer Avila, Secretary-Treasurer   (Unit # 2443)

E-mail Addresses

Mail outs cost the Association about $16.00 per issue at current US Post Office rates.
E-mail is free.  We would like to use e-mail whenever possible.  If you have not provided Snow’s with your current e-mail address, please consider doing so.