Safehaven News October 2016

For Sale

THREE UNITS are currently for sale at SAFEHAVEN. Do you have friends or family who may be interested in living at the best downtown property available? With affordable housing at a premium in Anchorage, our little units are economical and convenient for singles and couples alike. And we are growing a very nice crop of little families as

Financing continues to be our biggest issue. If you are planning on selling, consider owner financing your unit. It’s nice income and will lead to a quicker sale.

Welcome New Residents

George Kapolchok and Sanne Berig bought #12 in June. George is an attorney and Sanne (pronounce Sen-a) is a legal assistant. Sanne is a SafeHaven returnee, having owned #16 before Larry & Gail Taylor.

Rick Petre (pronounced Pea-tree) bought #3 in September. An Anchorage firefighter for 7 years, Rick was the department’s first paramedic. He is a Vietnam veteran, a former commercial fisherman and long-time friend of Joe Crusey’s (#8).


There will be several seats available on the Board. Please consider putting in your time. We will need a board who can continue the ongoing capital improvement projects.

Stay tuned for annual meeting date!

Just Say No to Draino

Our old cast iron sewer pipes hate Draino because it eats through the metal, causing leaks that can be very expensive (and inconvenient) to repair. Our new Turtl crawlspace access units facilitated replacement of a southside sewer pipe in August, but let’s avoid sewer problems by using Liquid Plumber or chlorine bleach on clogged drains. If you suspect a sewer malfunction please advise a board member.

Driveway Vacation

To maintain our two driveways as part of our private property rather than letting them be public alleys, we must block them off every couple of years. We’ll do that in October. Please park on the street that day. We will let you know the date.

Underground Electric Service

Municipal Light and Power trenched in cables October 1 that will replace the overhead power to Units 11-22. Tesla Electric will mount new main switches and meter bases. SafeHaven will pay for costs up to the circuit breaker panel in each affected unit. Shareholders will be responsible for any required changes in their panels or other wiring. Over the coming years, all SafeHaven buildings will switch to underground electricity supply.

Water Upgrade Completed

Contractors connected our rec hall and two laundry buildings to the new water supply in early July, and replaced old water pipe in our boiler room on the equinox, so now all piping from the city water meter to your individual shut-off valve is new. If your water pressure/volume is still low, that’s the old pipes inside your unit. Replacing them—at your expense—should quadruple or quintuple your pressure.

Crawlspace Inspections and Repair

The Turtls have made crawlspace inspection, repairs and clean-up much more practical. Kyco has been removing any immediate safety hazards such as exposed electrical wiring or flammable liquids. They’ve also been regrounding wiring that used to be grounded to our now-disused water supply. Kyco’s work has also included suspending heat pipes, testing heat pipe valves and mapping where all the auxiliary heat pumps are.