Parkridge News Winter 2016

Annual Meeting Reminder

Mark your Calendars! The Parkridge Annual Meeting will be held on February 2nd, 2017 at 5:00pm. The meeting will be held at the office of Snows Management Inc. All Homeowners are encouraged to attend.  You will receive a proxy in the mail prior to the meeting.  Please fill this proxy out and send it back to the offices of Snow’s Management if you cannot attend or plan to attend this important meeting!  If you have any questions or concerns before then, please contact Snows Management prior to the meeting time.

Parkridge Reminders!

Parking has become an increasing problem at Parkridge, especially in the winter. Please park your vehicles in the garages

Your vehicle is subject to towing if:
• It is a TRAILER
• An RV
• A Boat
• It is parked for more than 3 days in the same location, this impedes the snow removal company from properly cleaning the parking lot.
• Parked in front of a dumpster, or fire lane
• Is improperly tagged or is inoperable
• Is blocking access to another homeowners garage

Your vehicle will be tagged with an orange tag and explain when the car will be towed.  If it is not moved by the date posted on the orange tag, it will be towed at the homeowner’s expense.

Be a responsible pet owner!

• All pet owners will utilize “pooper scoopers” when allowing pets to “relieve” themselves in and on the common areas of the project.
• Any pet outside of a unit on common areas shall be attended and restrained at all times. Animal control will be strictly enforced.
• Condo owners will be fined or be requested to remove the pet permanently from the project for failure to observe the above animal control rules.


If you are planning on doing home repairs over the winter or this coming spring please remember that DOORS AND WINDOWS must be in compliance with Parkridge specifications.  You may obtain the specifications for replacement doors and windows at Snow’s Management.
Please be advised that if you install the wrong type windows or doors you will be required by the board to replace them at YOUR expense with the approved doors and windows.

Inform your Tenants of House Rules

If you are renting out your unit, it is YOUR responsibility to inform your tenant(s) of the House Rules for Parkridge Condos and to provide their contact information to Snow’s Management.

YOUR TENANTS especially need to be aware of:
• Parking rules and violations
• Quiet hours (between 10pm and 7am)
• Seasonal newsletters (now available online)
• Pet restrictions and waste control
• Use of garage space for vehicles only
• No repair of automobiles on Parkridge property
• TENANTS MAY NOT leave unwanted items like furniture i.e. mattresses, box springs, T.V.’s etc. outside the dumpster.  Please dispose of these items properly at the city dump or donate them

A copy of the House Rules for Parkridge Condos Can be found on our website. Please make sure your renters have read them.