Oakridge News August 2015

Parking Reminders!

Parking on Oakridge Drive is becoming an issue for homeowners yet again! When designed, Oakridge Drive was made too narrow to allow parking on the street. If there is an emergency the street does not have a large enough clearance to allow the responding emergency vehicles to pass when someone is parked on the street. Because of this it is considered a no parking zone, for the entire street section that is past the mailboxes. Please make sure not to park on the street at anytime or you can be towed, without any given notice. See Attached Map which illustrates where parking is allowed on the property. Please be courteous to your neighbors and our mailman and do not park in front of the mailboxes.

If you see another vehicle parking on the street within the “No Parking Zone” you may call Vulcan Towing and ask that they be towed. Vulcan Towing’s phone number is 907-349-8697. You will need to tell them where the vehicle is located and that it needs towed because it’s in a “No Parking Zone”. Any homeowner can report parking violations to Vulcan- please do not hesitate to call.

When parking in your driveway please make sure that you are not blocking your neighbor’s garage door or the neighbor across from you from being able to back out. Please only park straight while in your driveway area and not at a diagonal angle because this makes it awkward for your neighbors to back out. Also, please remember that at no time is a vehicle allowed to be parked on the grass. If you are reported for parking on the grass or allowing a vehicle to be parked on the grass you will be fined and charged back the cost of having the grass fixed. Please be proactive about keeping Oakridge a nice place to live!

We need Board Members!!!
Do you want to be more involved in your community? If so, join the Board of Directors. One of your long term Board Members recently sold his unit so we are in need of a new face for the Board of Directors. If you are interested please plan on attending the Annual Meeting—- notice and proxy enclosed with this newsletter. 

Pet Waste
If you do not pick up after your pet your lawn will NOT be mowed. Pet waste poses a danger to both humans and animals! Please pick up after your pets.

Direct Pay
Have you signed up for Direct Pay yet? Make your life easier and don’t worry about sending a check every month. Sign up for Direct Pay and have Snow’s take your dues directly from your account. No hassle for you and dues paid on time! Contact Beth Smith at 563-8825 for more information.

Oakridge Planned Community Association
Annual Homeowners Meeting
6:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 20th, 2015.  The meeting will be held at Snow’s Management, Inc. located at 2701 Fairbanks St.,  Anchorage, Alaska 99503.

IF you are unable to attend this meeting please return your proxy (pink paper) to Snow’s Management at your earliest convenience. If you plan to attend the meeting to discuss a particular problem or issue please contact Snow’s Management in advance so the appropriate information will be on hand.