Meadow Ridge News June 2016

Summer is here bringing some words of caution.

• GRILLS:  Are NOT permitted on any deck at any time.  This is a REQUIREMENT of our insurance company. If grills are used, they must be more than 10 feet away from a combustible surface (such as the front of the unit and/or steps).  After use, they should be stored neatly to minimize clutter.  Common sense tells us not to store them in the garage or under deck area while they are hot.As you are aware the Association had a significant fire loss of one of the units.  The incident report identified that its origin was the exterior balcony (deck) and the source was hot ember/ash.  The cause was used (hot) charcoal briquettes that were improperly disposed of from the charcoal grill.Finally, never grill in a garage and never store a propane grill (with tank) inside as propane gas is heavier than air and any leak creates an explosion hazard.

• Trash Cans: Please remember that the trashcans provided by Solid Waste Services should be stored neatly such as inside your garage or under the front deck.

• Parking: There is NO parking in front of any unit or the common areas. It doesn’t take much of an imagination visualize that if everyone parked in front of their garage, how junked up the place would be (and how adversely it would affect property values). Vehicles need to be inside your garage or else out on the street. This also includes all guests and visitors.

• Homeowners Meeting: We are required to have an annual homeowners meeting and that there must be a quorum (either in person and/or via proxy). Our second attempt is to be held on July 6th at Snows Office.  Please send in a proxy immediately whether you plan on attending or not so that we have a quorum. (If you send in a proxy and then attend, your proxy will be given back to you so that you can vote in person).

Pet Owner Reminders

Pets are never permitted in the common areas without a handler.  Each pet owner shall promptly remove and properly dispose of all animal waste deposited by his pet in the common area, and each pet owner shall be responsible for the repair of all damage areas, including damage to shrubberies and lawns of the common areas.  Please keep the common grounds clean so everyone can enjoy being outside this summer.

Fire Safety

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to see that the equipment is working properly.  Most brands have a tester button that when pushed tells you it is in good working order.  It has been recommended by the Anchorage Fire Department, that each unit also has a UL listed / FM approved fire extinguisher (s) with a minimum rating of 2A:10B:C.  It must be easily visible and accessible for use in the event of a fire.