Liberty Square News February 2016


The next meeting will be held on June 7th, 2016 at the offices of Snows Management located at 2701 Fairbanks Street suite A
All Home Owners are encouraged to come. The Board of Directors would love to hear from home owners who may have suggestions for the Liberty Square Condos. Please try to attend.

The life style of living in a close community

As condo owners we all must be mindful of our neighbors. The quiet hours are between 10pm and 7am. Loud noises during these hours are a finable offense.  The smallest things can sometimes make the biggest impact such as; Not running up and down the stairs or slamming doors, reminding our late night company to please be quiet when leaving. These are all small courtesies that can really make a difference to your neighbors. The Liberty Square Board would like to thank everyone for their considerations for their neighbors.

The coming of Spring

Everyone has noticed the increase of our daylight hours. With this in mind please be careful out on the walkways and parking areas. The ice can be a bit treacherous this time of year.  Use ice cleats or yak tracks when out and about. Call Deborah at Snows if you need gravel 563-8892.

Trash Days

Tuesday and Friday are trash days. Please do not leave your trash bags in the hallways or outside the dumpster. Remind your contractors if you are doing any remodeling to please take their construction trash with them.

Parking for Building B

If you are parking in the un assigned areas up front please use the un assigned area in the back. PLEASE PARK IN THE LINES