Janet Meadows Summer 2015

Friendly Summer Reminders:

Please remember to park in your garage. No double parking. Guest parking spots are on the ends of the building, please ask guests to not park in front of your unit. It is a safety concern if emergency vehicles cannot maneuver around your vehicles.

Pet Waste must be picked up immediately. The community is so much more beautiful when we all share pride in where we live.

Trash Day:
Please remember that trash day is Thursday. Each unit is allowed (without extra charge) 2 large plastic container and 1 bag or 2 bags and one large plastic container. If you need to leave out extra trash and your neighbor has less than the allowed amount then you needs to ask their permission before just adding to theirs.

Safety Reminder:

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on occasion to see that the equipment is working properly . Most brands have a tester button that when pushed tells you it is in good working order. It has been recommended b the Anchorage Fire Department that each unit also have a UL listed / FM approved fire extinguisher(s) with a minimum rating of 2A: 10B:C. It must be easily visible and accessible for use in the event of a fire.


Have a Great Alaskan Summer!