Hillcrest News Spring 2015

The Annual Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday May 28th at 6:00 pm at the office of Snow’s Management, located at 2701 Fairbanks Street.  Homeowners are encouraged to attend.  If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, please complete the attached proxy and send back to Snow’s Management, Inc. so that we can have a legal quorum for our meeting.
Each owner who attends the meeting in person or returns a proxy before the date of the meeting will received a $10.00 credit on their dues account.
Noise and activities:  Loud noise, music and activities that may be a nuisance are not permitted.  Please be considerate of your neighbor’s privacy and right to quiet enjoyment. 
Please remember, there is no smoking allowed on the exterior decks and directly outside the building doors.  Smoke goes into other units and bothers owners that do not smoke.
No smoking is allowed in the hallways or inside the elevator.
Thank you for helping to ensure that the Hillcrest Condominiums remains a safe and enjoyable place to call home

Fire Extinguishers- Smoke & Carbon
Monoxide Detectors
It has been recommended by the Anchorage Fire Department that each unit have a UL listed/FM approved Fire Extinguisher with a minimum rating of 2A:10B:C. It must be easily visible & accessible for use in the event of a fire. All fire extinguishers must be serviced & tagged annually by a qualified servicing contractor. In addition, all dwelling units must have at least one smoke detector & carbon monoxide detector in each unit. These detectors should be installed near each separate sleeping area. It is also recommended that your smoke / carbon monoxide detectors be checked every 30 days. Please remember to check / change the batteries in both of these.

Snow’s Management NEEDS your EMAIL ADDRESS!  Snow’s Management has changed the format of our newsletters from paper to email. We would like to continue to provide you with all of the important information we provide in our newsletters and other communications. You can provide your email to Snow’s Management by sending an email to: info@snowsmanagementak.com please include your name, address and that you are a member of the Hillcrest Condominium Association If you wish to continue receiving information through the mail in a paper format please write a request and mail or fax it to Snow’s. IF you do nothing you will not receive a newsletter.