Highland Pointe News August 2012

News from the Annual Meeting

The Highland Pointe Condominium Association’s annual meeting was held Wednesday, August 15, 2012. At this meeting the 2013 budget was reviewed and approved. You will receive notice of the budget and your 2013 coupon books via US MAIL. Other hot topics of discussion were the retaining wall, increased water usage throughout the Association, parking and the dumpster. 

Dumpster Issues

Dumpster misuse is a reoccurring problem in the neighborhood. You must place all items into the dumpster. Not on top of the dumpster or on the ground next to the dumpster. In addition to misuse of the dumpster it has been brought to the attention of the Board that some residents are “stockpiling” trash in the garages all week before bringing it to the dumpster. Please do not accumulate trash because it is a safety issue. There have been a lot of bears venturing into town this summer and we do not want them coming into the neighborhood!
Any unit found in violation of the house rules regarding waste removal will receive a $25.00 fine.


Please remember operable vehicles (including an owner and a unit owner’s quest) trucks, trailers, truck campers, commercials vehicles shall be kept, placed, stored or maintained within a unit garage or in a unit driveway. If you have any questions regarding the parking please contact Snow’s Management.

Pardon our Mess…

You may have noticed a construction crew in our neighborhood as of late. They are here to repair our retaining wall. The wall has been deteriorating over the past few years and appeared to be growing unsafe. The repairs are proving to be a large undertaking. Please be patient with the construction crews and be sure not to obstruct or inhibit the work in any way (parking, etc). We want to finish this job quickly in order to prepare the property for the winter. We thank you for your cooperation throughout the process.