Hampton Place II News June 2016

Annual Walk Through

During the Association’s annual walk through that was held May 19th there were several homeowners that were found in violation of our House Rules and Declaration. The House Rules and Declarations help to maintain the value, quality and appearance for the benefit of all owners and tenants. We would like to give all homeowners an opportunity to rectify any of these violations voluntarily before notices and fines are given. Please read carefully.

• Owners shall keep the exterior of their units maintained in good order and condition. Private yards are to be trimmed and weed free. Flower boxes, bordered areas, and areas inside boardwalks must be maintained by homeowners.

• Additions or modifications to the common area or exterior of buildings, e.g., decks, walkways, doors and windows, are not permitted without written approval of the Board of Directors. Additions and modifications must be uniform to match existing Board approved materials and colors.

• No storage is permitted except for small quantities of wood storage. Unit owners are responsible for maintenance for exterior decks.

• No noxious or offensive activities (including, but not limited to, the repair of vehicles) shall be carried on within the project.

The storage or use of charcoal or gas grills on decks is strictly prohibited. Grills and other flammable cooking devices must be taken at least 10 feet from the building when using them.

• Inoperable vehicles shall not be parked or left in common area or driveways. Vehicles with expired tags are considered inoperable.

• All pet owners must utilize “pooper scoopers” when allowing pets to “relieve” themselves in and on the properties. Waste must be disposed of immediately.  Owners may be fined or be requested to remove their pets for the above animal control rules. This includes lawn repairs caused by pet’s overuse including but not limited to digging and urinating.

*If you feel you are in violation of any of these infractions please be sure to resolve them by July 15th, 2016 before fines are allocated.

• If your screen door is black, white or an off color it will need to be painted to match the main door.

• If you need to do any touch up painting at your unit, you can purchase the paint from Curtis and Campbell, contact number is 561-6011.  The codes are provided below.
Body-CCID-455 Product # N1852B
Doors-AC116N Product # P244B