Greentree East News Summer 2016

Association News:

Your Board of Director’s has signed a paint contract with FA Contractor’s. This is very exciting as the Building will get a whole new look this year! Don’t forget if you haven’t gotten your decks repaired, do so by August 30, 2016 as we are scheduled to be painted in September.

You may see Yukon Fire hanging around. They will be replacing your fire panel and all of the horns and strobes in your hallways. This is such a wonderful upgrade, and will be so nice in case of a fire. Don’t forget to check the batteries in your smoke alarms.


There have been several reports of homeowners and renters having items stolen, even right out of the back of their vehicles. Please take note of who and what is around you. If you don’t recognize someone, please don’t hesitate to call APD. If you see suspicious activity happening please contact APD; don’t try to stop anything yourself.


Misuse of the dumpster has been an on-going issue at GreenTree East. Please remember to be mindful of your neighbors when utilizing the dumpsters. Please don’t allow your trash to collect in your parking space.
 Break down cardboard boxes to conserve space.
 Be sure to close the dumpster lid.
 Do not leave large items next to the dumpster.
 Do not put large items into the dumpster.
 Do not bring trash from offsite to put into the dumpster.
 Do not dispose of ANY construction materials in the dumpster.
The dumpster area is currently under 24 hour security surveillance. Misuse of the dumpster may result in removal of excess trash at YOUR expense. There will be a $75.00 fine for misuse of the dumpster.


Slowdown in the parking lot! The speed limit is 5 mph.

Please keep an eye out for children playing.

This is your neighborhood, enjoy it and watch out for each other. Knowing your neighbors can go a long way in preventing theft and squatters.