Foxwood 3,4,5 News July 2016

Dear Foxwood Homeowner,

Walk Through

Last month the Board of Directors along with Snow’s Management, Inc. conducted a property walkthrough inspection. There were several maintenance issues that will be addressed throughout the coming weeks including, but not limited to, walkway repairs, retaining wall repairs and lawn care repairs. In addition, it was noted that several garage spaces were cluttered with storage and trash. Letters will be sent out to those units that were observed in violation of this House Rule;

“Owners are responsible for keeping their parking area clean. No storage is to be put on the garage floor. Nothing shall be attached to the walls or ceiling without prior written approval from the Board of Directors. No business supplies/work supplies are to be openly stored in the garage. Excess property including but not limited to large sporting equipment and recreational vehicles should be stored in an offsite commercial storage area. Any thefts from vehicles shall be reported to the managing agent and to Anchorage Police Department. The elevated area can be used for reasonable storage. One set of shelves may be placed on the elevated area per unit. Tires and garbage cans can be stored in elevated area. Excessive storage on elevated area will be cited as a fire hazard.” We sincerely appreciate everyone’s continued support and efforts to keep Foxwood 3,4,5 well preserved.

Tina Mariner
Association Manager

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Board Members that were elected during June’s Annual Meeting. Congratulations to Lori Novak, Sharon Carter and Thomas Johnson. We appreciate your enthusiastic contribution to serve your community. We would also like to recognize our returning members Alvy Sprouse and Wade Clauson. Thank you for your continued efforts to help maintain Foxwood 3,4,5.

More Important News

BBQ Area!!!!
A new BBQ area is up and ready for use for the homeowners! This great new summer addition is located between 7312 and 7320.

Vehicle Storage
Just a friendly reminder regarding vehicle storage on the property.

The House Rules state:
“Section III: Parking and Garage

a) Inoperable Vehicles: Inoperable vehicles will be towed immediately. In the State of Alaska a vehicle must have current registration to operate on a roadway therefore vehicles without current registration are considered inoperable. Vehicles with expired tags will be towed immediately. No repair of vehicles is allowed anywhere within project.

b) Vehicle Storage: There is very limited outdoor parking on the project therefore outside storage of vehicles is strictly prohibited. If you are not regularly using one of your vehicles it must be kept in your garage space while the daily use vehicle is kept outside because outdoor vehicle storage greatly inhibits snow removal. Having guests drop off their vehicles while they travel is strictly forbidden and will cause such vehicles to be tagged and towed at owner’s expense. Owners leaving Alaska for business or vacation are required to report to the managing agent if they intend to leave a vehicle outdoors. No owner or renter shall have more than two vehicles on project property (one of which MUST BE KEPT IN THE DESIGNATED GARAGE SPACE). Owners should not store garage openers openly in their vehicle. No motor vehicle will remain unmoved on the project for more than 7 days or 24 hours after a snow event other than in an assigned parking spot in the garage. Continued abuse of the 7 day limit will be considered “storing the vehicle outside.” The managing agent may extend the 7 day limit in the case of emergency or travel.”

Please remember to “scoop the poop” and keep them from relieving themselves on the grass and landscaped areas. There are natural areas that are the wooded areas to the west end of the project and north of the project that may be utilized.