Foxtree News August 2016

Safety and Security

To make for a more safe and secure Foxtree condo community, security cameras are being installed inside of each garage and at various locations outside throughout the complex.

Foxtree’s “NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH”, your help is needed; all residents are strongly encouraged to report any suspicious and or illegal activity to the police and to Snow’s Management Company.  Additionally, inform Snow’s Management of garage doors that are not closing and locking properly, this includes the “man doors” as well as the overhead door.

For more information on the Neighborhood Watch, see George Zuke, HOA president at 470 # C.   

Capital Improvements

Pending projects:
The mailboxes have been painted.
Added “dog bag” stations will be installed.

Animal Control and Health Hazard

Lately, dogs have been running loose through the complex.  This is a health and safety issue.  Unsupervised or uncontrolled dogs have been pooping throughout the complex.  Dog poop is a health hazard.  Their poop contains bacteria and often parasites like “hook worm”.  These parasites and bacteria can spread to other animals and humans too.  It is a Foxtree House Rule violation to let your pet run loose, and, not pick up after them, see Foxtree rules: Section VI Animals. 

All pets are required by law to be on a leash and accompanied by its owner when outside. Taking care of damaged lawns, bushes and trees due to pet’s costs all homeowners’ money.  If you observe animals running loose and relieving themselves on the property, notify Snow’s Management, Inc.

Violation of this rule can and will lead to fines and legal action taken against the property owner.  Any pets seen loose without the owner in control or out of sight of the animal, will be subject to violation.

A copy of the rules can be obtained from Snow’s Management.

The Bears are out!!!

“Beware of the Bears”….The bears are out, remember to put your garbage out on Wednesday morning after 6:00 am. Do not leave trash out overnight on Tuesdays and do not store trash on the stairs.  It is recommended bringing in bird feeders at this time as not to attract bears or rodents.  Feeding bears intentionally or inadvertently is a law violation in Alaska.  Don’t put food out on the ground.  Report bear sightings to the Alaska Fish and Game, help keep us safe.