Elderberry Park Newsletter

Dear Elderberry Park Homeowners,

When living in shared space the rules help to make day to day operations harmonious. I wanted to take a moment to remind you of some of the rules at Elderberry Park.

 There are to be no deliveries brought through the front entrance except for small deliveries from USPS, UPS or FED EX. All large deliveries must be brought through the garage. Deliveries of appliances, furniture, large boxes or items greater than 75 lbs may NOT be brought through the front door. Additionally, if you are bringing in furniture, appliances or more than 5 boxes a $250.00 delivery “move in” fee applies.

 Please remember that quiet hours are from 10pm to 8am. During quiet hours please limit the volume on your music and TV so that it cannot be heard in other units.

 Please use your remote to close the garage door and ensure that the door is closed before you drive away.

 Because building security is always a concern please make sure the front door is completely closed before you leave. We have been noticing that sometimes you must pull the door closed behind you to make sure that it latches. Please do not all ANYONE into the building if you do not recognize them

 No storage is allowed in our garage space except for bicycles.

 Pets are not allowed to come in the front door and pets must be leashed or carried at all times when on the common areas of the property.

 Please ensure that your trash is in secured bags. Please break down all boxes when putting them into the dumpster—the open space in a box makes the dumpster fill up very fast.

 Sometimes the mail man mistakenly puts other owner’s mail into your box. Please take a moment to make sure that all of the mail is yours before opening.


Elizabeth Irwin
Association Manager