Eastridge 4 News December 2016

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, February 15th at 6:00PM
The Board of Directors would like to encourage homeowners to attend the homeowners meeting which is held at Snow’s Management.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday season!

Holiday Safety Tips
 If you will be away for the Holidays, or ever, for an extended period of time, please remember to register with Snow’s Management and park your vehicle in Long Term Parking. Otherwise, vehicles must be moved in a 48-hour period.
 After the holidays DO NOT throw your trees in, on, or around the dumpsters. Please properly dispose of them off-site.
 Please vacuum and clean out your bathroom vent fan. These should ideally be replaced or completely cleaned out every so often to prevent lint from collecting and creating a fire hazard.
 Do not leave candles lite, the dryer running, the dishwasher, or the bathroom vent fan running while you are not in the unit.

Safety & Security As A #1 Priority
Please be aware; after it snows and vehicles are left in the parking areas for days, covered in snow, it is a dead giveaway for anyone to see you are not home. This calls for trouble when it comes to burglars. It is always helpful to stay vigilant in your community. Remember to keep your cars locked, and any valuables taken with you or hidden out-of-sight. Remember, it is always safer to get your packages signature required at drop-off, or to have your packages picked up from the Post Office/FedEx.

Holiday Lights
We encourage homeowners to decorate their balconies with holiday lights and decor. However, holiday decorations such as wreaths and lights must be removed no later than January 31.