East Quarter News November 2016

Upcoming Events:

Snow’s Management Office Closures
The office hours will change:
November 24th and 25th, 2016 we will be closed for Thanksgiving.
December 23rd we will be open from 9:00am – 1:00pm.

Please be aware that the trash pick-up schedule may change times and dates around the Holidays.

Important Snow Plowing Info & Reminders

In the winter months please do not park in the space beside the dumpster on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays. If there is ice, it is more difficult for the dump truck to pick up and drop the trash containers and they do not want to unintentionally damage a vehicle. So please leave at least one space clear beside the dumpster for the garbage pick-up. Normally the lot is plowed no later than 10AM. If more than 2 inches of snow has accumulated and it is obvious the parking lot has not been plowed, please refrain from parking there until it is plowed. Please inform your guests not to park in a snow filled parking lot during the morning hours. Between 5am & 10am, if there is snowfall, there will be no parking along the north leg of the parking lot next to the building. Otherwise, you may park there. It is best not to leave your car there overnight, in the event it does snow. Other vehicles that normally parked in the area will need to park along the fence side of the parking lot. In addition, please allow at least three spaces on the fence side of the lot for snow storage. Thank you!

Other Reminders…

We do not have a full-time custodian at East Quarter to pick up your leftover trash or to clean up spots on the carpet if you spill something. Please tend to your messes in the common areas to keep the place pleasant for all of the residents.

If you will be leaving town for the holidays please keep your heat set at a reasonable temperature to prevent the pipes from freezing. (55-65 degrees)
Also, do not leave any windows open for an extended amount of time.


DO NOT allow your pets to use the elevator, the hallways, or the garage to relieve themselves. You MUST always keep your pet leashed when not in the unit. As a pet owner; please be responsible & always pick up after your pet.
We all need reminders to help keep our condo a pleasant, safe place to live, and to lower our costs for upkeep, utilities, and maintenance. The House Rules, newsletters, etc., are all on-line at:


Things to know…

Are you interested in being on the Board?
Have you wanted to be more involved in your community recently? If so, please volunteer for the Board of Directors.    East Quarter greatly needs volunteers, so please consider it! If you think you could add to the community please call or send us an email to let us know!
P: 563-8894 //  EMAIL: info@snowsmangementak.com